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Bird control solutions

Even though admirers who watch the birds flock admit that they do cause nuisance when it comes to buildings. The otherwise peaceful atmosphere at the workplace, home or public place is easily distractible by their noise and mess. Therefore, it is essential to install a bird control solution to avoid their nuisance in a safe fashion. There are numerous options existing to several problems of bird menace. The solution depends on the issue, the building and the threat they pose to the structure. Spikes, gels, audible scarer and netting are a few of the solutions that make it easy for the installer to drive away birds.


PVC Strip Curtain

Owing to our extensive domain expertise, we offer an assortment bird problem solution. These services are rendered by our expert professionals who make use of their elaborate experience to offer impeccable and error free services to the clients. Furthermore, clients can avail these products as per their economic convenience.

Our PVC strip curtain have good transparency. It can stop the loss of cold air or warm air effectively and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. PVC strip curtain also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and noise pollution. When used as partition screen, they create multifunctional compartments (operating field, offices and restrooms) without taking up any space, ensuring the most effective utilization of limited space and improving the comfort in the operation spaces and productivity. They also stop the pigeons to enter the premises.

PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain is the most economical and effective way to protect the goods from the adverse conditions like noise, humidity, dust, insects, cold, heat, etc. On the other side, it is used to control the spread of fumes, noise, pollutants and temperature loss. It is a unique product that is specially designed for the cold storage and warehouse that keep out unwanted pests and also maintains the ideal temperature at these places. PVC strips can create partitions to divide sheds and rooms.
PVC Strip Curtains are best solution:-
  • • To maintain ambient temperature in warehouse or cold storage.
  • • To resist the entrance of pests, insects, bacteria, air-pollutants in your building.
  • • To avoid opening of doors every time when machines or vehicles pass through.
  • • To maintain hygiene in the working area
  • • To isolate noisy machinery
  • • To reduce cold as well as heat loss
Application areas of PVC Strip curtains
  • • Kitchen and Hotel area
  • • Manufacturing Plants
  • • Warehouse and cold storage room
  • • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • Packaging Industry
  • • Factories
  • • Freeze Zones
PVC Strip curtains are available in a variety of color and finishes. Strips can be replaced individually when required or need a change.

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