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Bird control solutions

Even though admirers who watch the birds flock admit that they do cause nuisance when it comes to buildings. The otherwise peaceful atmosphere at the workplace, home or public place is easily distractible by their noise and mess. Therefore, it is essential to install a bird control solution to avoid their nuisance in a safe fashion. There are numerous options existing to several problems of bird menace. The solution depends on the issue, the building and the threat they pose to the structure. Spikes, gels, audible scarer and netting are a few of the solutions that make it easy for the installer to drive away birds.


Bird Gel

Bird Gel is an inert Non-Toxic Eco-friendly gel to prevent bird from roofing and perching. It is non-corrosive and it is not much affected by dust and contamination and withstands all types of weathers such as rain, snow, heat etc.It is a bio-degradable product .

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