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We offer different kind of spike in different material as well as designs. We provide spikes with polycarbonate base and Stainless Steel Metal Spike and Spike with full body in Polycarbonate. They are also available in different designs and width, so that we can use it in different places as per requirement.

We are basically looking enquiries from Delhi and Jaipur.


Anti Hail Net

Our shading Net provides protection from strong wind hails and frost damages... Read More

Mulch Sheet

These days Mulch Sheet is extensively used in Agriculture and farming for
F-4.low tuneel

Low Tunnel Sheet

The Low Tunnels are like Mini Green House Supported by wire hoops or arches made from wire fencing, Farm tunnels are covered with row cover and/or plastic when it’s cold to create mini-greenhouses... Read More
Polyhouse Net for Crop Protection

Poly House

Poly houses are generally naturally ventilated climate controlled... Read More

Shade Net House

Shade Net House is Low cost solution in protected cultivation... Read More

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